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  • Do you need to transfer sand and gravel between quarry and plant?
  • Do you need to dredge sand and gravel from below water?
  • Do you have a problem with silt, sand or soils clogging up a water system?

Jet pumps can be used for material handling, either for transfer, or for washing by use of the cavitation that can be indeced to break up clays, soils, oil etc. In this case, Jet Pumps UK Ltd was contracted to transfer sand into a cofferdam in the River Mersey for Merseylink as part of the construction of a new suspension bridge. The cofferdam was being constructed to allow installation of one of the bridge pier foundations on the river bed. Production rate approximtely 150tph of solids, with a total of around 7,000 tonnes placed in the cofferdam.

Jet Pumps installation on riverbank                   Feed conveyor and Jet Pump Hopper

Sand feed into hopper with fluidisation water       Sand transfer pipes on trestle to cofferdam

Sand discharge into cofferdam                             Cofferdam filled to required level