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  • Do you need to transfer sand and gravel between quarry and plant?
  • Do you need to dredge sand and gravel from below water?
  • Do you have a problem with silt, sand or soils clogging up a water system?

Project – Desilting fishpond

The project was to remove silt from the large garden pond of a private client. Silt was removed via a vacuum hose to a small ‘U-Pump’ portable jet pump, which then transferred the slurry to a ‘Siltbuster’ settling unit in adjacent field. The settled silt was then spread over the field, which belonged to the client. The jet pump was driven by a small submersible pump suspended in the pond. Clean water from the Siltbuster was returned to the pond. Time taken 4 ½ days including setup and dismantling. Production rate 15tph.

Jet Pump installation, showing portable ‘U-Pump’ and removing silt with the suction hose.

Siltbuster slurry separation unit with slurry discharging in adjacent field