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  • Do you need to transfer sand and gravel between quarry and plant?
  • Do you need to dredge sand and gravel from below water?
  • Do you have a problem with silt, sand or soils clogging up a water system?

Sand Scrubbing

150/200 Ton Hour Sand Scrubber

The jet pump sand scrubber described uses a jet pump to scrub the material and to convey the washed product onto a double deck screen, by applying maximum concentration of turbulent energy; this provides the opportunity for loosened waste to be removed.

The water is processed in the water treatment plant and the fines are recovered in a filter press. The clean water is then reused to drive the Jet Pump

The picture to the right is a 5/15tph sand washing plant using 2 x Jet Pumps in Series with a gravity discharge.


70 Ton Hour Sand Scrubber

Jet Pumps UK Ltd scrubbers have jet pumps at their heart. They are of two forms, two jet pumps opposed and two or more jet pumps in tandem.

The tandem jet pump sand scrubber described uses two jet pumps in series, one to apply a maximum concentration of turbulent energy and the other to recycle the material a number of times to provide opportunity for loosened waste to be removed.

Mobile Sand Scrubbers

Transportable - self contained, cleaning system for removing oil contaminated particles from beaches, causeways, and fine gravel. A road towable self powered cleaning unit available in various sizes to process contaminated materials at a rate of 5-70 tonnes per hour.

  • Easy to set up
  • Self contained
  • Diesel or electric powered
  • Robust construction
  • Cleans to below 200ppm
  • Proven technology
  • Simple to operate
  • The only external equipment required is a clean water supply.